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Aug. 7th, 2016 06:50 am
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Did we do a start in TFLN? Here's where things go when CAPTCHA starts.

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Sep. 8th, 2016 05:11 pm
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She didn't want to be in Star City. It wasn't that Thea wanted to leave it altogether. Not permanently. But she needed to be away from Felicity's sympathetic glances and Ollie's pointed looks and the emptiness that was their base of operations. With Laurel...gone and John off playing soldier, it was a lonely place. Which was why she could understand the way Ollie was looking at her. She just didn't want to feel guilty for her decision. Just because he'd come back when they'd asked didn't mean it was the right decision for her.

So to sum up, staying in Star City wasn't an option for the immediate future. She needed to give Ollie a chance to digest and accept her decision. She thought briefly about trying to figure out where Roy had ended up, but he'd kept his distance and if she expected Ollie to respect her decision, she had to respect Roy's. Her father was no option at all. She'd tried that once and it was the cause of most of her current problems.

She eventually came up with the solution of heading to Central City to find out what was going on with Barry and company. She'd leave the mask at home. If they needed an archer, they were in trouble enough to call in her brother. Of course, it was possible she'd show up in the middle of whatever crisis was going on at the moment, but maybe she'd just be able to tease Barry and have actual conversations with women who hadn't slept with her brother. Not that she disliked Felicity, but it could be awkward talking about relationships and she thought she might need to talk about Alex sooner or later.

And so she ended up at Star Labs, waiting for the gang to arrive, feet on the console a few inches away from one of the keyboards - Cisco was probably going to have a fit, but that was half of the fun - answering the latest of her brother's texts. No, she wasn't in town. No, she wouldn't be back for a while. Yes, she was very proud of him for being the acting mayor. No, that didn't change her opinion of retiring. She finally put the phone on the desk and closed her eyes with a sigh.


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